Jobs hiring near me no study nor experience

Jobs hiring near me

Have you ever asked yourself, “can I get jobs hiring near me no experience“? In this article, I give you a thought about your chances of getting these jobs. You can get them! Some friends challenged me to explain what to do when you don’t have studies or experience and want to find your first job. The answer is not easy because a CV reflects precisely the working life of a person who starts typically with studies that give rise to some first work experiences. What can we indicate if there have not even been any studies? This guide may seem “general” but it will be beneficial to give you a mindset about how you look for a job in a situation where you don’t have any experience related to the new job. 

How to focus your CV for your first job

This case or situation is particular, and I believe that the first mistake is to think in terms of the content that we would have to include in a CV. If we have nothing, there is nothing to put in the first place. However, the thing changes if we think about competencies in the cover letter, instead of thinking about studies and experience in the CV. I explain myself: although a person may not have studies or experience, he may have developed in his personal life a series of competencies that make him suitable for a job for which no skill or studies are needed.

Let us give an example: imagine that you are a tremendously outgoing person who likes to interact with people and, in turn, who loves makeup and does it very gracefully. You have not studied or had experience in the sector. Still, it is true that you could start lending a hand in perfumery, for example, as an apprentice, facing the public. Working on something like that would make you very excited. In a cover letter, you could expose your personal skills (what we call competencies) along with your motivation for the job. You can indicate that you do not have studies or experience. Still, you do believe that you have the appropriate skills and motivation necessary to learn the trade and perform that job. All this will seem very basic, but it is the way to approach a job that you have never done before.

jobs hiring near me no experience

Prior reflection is the key to finding your first job.

I consider that in the case of searching for a first professional experience starting from nothing, it is essential to carry out a previous reflection work: what can I be good at? What have I learned in this life? How could I use it for a job? And, very important and realistically, what would I like to do? One must be restrained and think that the fact of not having studied or worked never implies a series of limitations, you will not be able to opt for anything. Still, it is essential to start looking at small trades that do not necessarily require studies, but that relates to your aspirations and way of being. A well-argued cover letter can take you to them to allow you to get a first job that will officially open your CV. Very likely, learning will then come from the hand of the experience that you will accumulate and will replace the lack of detailed studies.

Get your first job thanks to your personal experiences

Do not forget to mention if you have done volunteer activities or have a unique hobby that tests some specific skill that relates to the position you aspire to, because, even if they do not correctly count as professional experience, they will add value to your profile. The challenge is to analyze itself and analyze the job to be performed, to find the connection point that approximates us to this and get it exposed in the letter. Have you reached the point?

I hope these tips have helped you. Remember that the most important thing is not to get discouraged and take action. Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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