Writting vs. Writing | the naked essence of writing

Writting vs. Writing

“Writting” is totally incorrect and misspelled word. “Writing” is correct. Writing is a way of representing a language in different styles like symbols or letters in a text or document with meaning.
“This girl keeps writing to his mother in jail”.
Writting is the completely incorrect spelling of the word writing. Commonly we write writting instead of writing by mistake like we want to write very fast and ignore the spelling.

The Naked essence of writing

Is it a special perfume, an indelible seal, an aura, a stone with unique characteristics…? What defines the soul of a writer and can be revealed through the first line of a literary text? What does writing mean?

We live in times when anyone can publish a book, which seems to us to be one of the wonders of technology and of the possibility of communicating what is bubbling in our veins and in our heads, to share with others.

It is fantastic to witness this phenomenon of the overcrowding of books, of the appearance of so many new publishers that bring small runs of large numbers of authors to paper. Many surely never dreamed of writing a book, least of all, taking it to the press and browsing it as the precious object that each book is, with that inescapable pride of being the intellectual “owner” of that precious object.


More and more people express themselves by writing

I always said that I was glad to see that there are more and more people who can express themselves through the word and see their work or the idea that once arose in their mind taken to the printed page. And this, beyond the theme, the genre, the commercial or minority, whether it is a book of gossip or one of the enigmatic poems.

This is good because the book is spreading more and more as a palpable, close, intimate tool, its existence is gaining weight and arousing curiosity through a large and diversified display (from the shelves of a regular or virtual bookstore to a hypermarket) when a long time ago its decline was predicted.

What I would like to outline here – in my personal opinion, at least – is that publishing a book does not mean being a writer. It often happens that the authors of books are writers, but today it seems to me that there are almost more who edit books without being.

A mysterious essence

The old saying that you can’t die without having a child, planting a tree, and writing a book today more than ever is coming true. Not all of us were able to do these three things, but those of us who have written books for many, many years know that writing has behind it a mysterious essence that is not fully understood, not even by the author himself.

I remember when, for the first time, on a form that is given on airplanes, I hesitated a lot before filling in the professional box and finally decided to put “writer”. Today I write it down mechanically every time they ask me for that information, but I recognize that every time I do it, there is something in me that continues to rebel as if a voice keeps questioning that answer.

How do you put literature in a “profession” when most writers refer to their work as a “trade”? Is it a profession, or is it neither of the two things because it is so much more? And there the Shakespearean dilemma of Hamlet reappears to me, the issue of the “essence”, of the nucleus, of the “crux” of the question regarding that vocation that is passion, that passion that is a vocation and that does not respond to no label.

A writer or not?

Because one can even stop writing forever and that does not mean they will stop being a writer. On the other hand, there may be people who constantly publish some volumes and yet they cannot be called writers: is it that they do not carry that sacred flame within their hearts and minds, are they driven by other types of dreams or ambitions? We don’t know, what we do know is that sensitive people know perfectly well if someone is a writer or if they are not.

For an almost -I would say- intuitive, perceptual question, the first words of a book reveal when there is or is not a writer behind it. And it is as if the reader smells it. For this reason, at first, I referred to that gift, trade, profession, passion, vocation – or whatever you want to call it – as a special perfume, a halo, a something, and I don’t know what, but that is there, behind, shedding some light from the word, the turn, the syntax. That is the true meaning of writing! To express ideas, knowledge, anything motivating someone to write.

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