Top Artificial Intelligence Apps

The use of technology has made our lives quite simpler and more convenient, like the use of artificial intelligence apps. It has given us the ease and relaxation that we truly deserve and has simultaneously made our tasks more efficient and effective. From schools to offices to restaurants, every other place has maximized its use of technology in order to yield incredible results.

One such technology is the popular Artificial Intelligence technology apps, which have successfully made their place in the hearts of millions of people around the world. This incredible piece of technology has already influenced small and large corporations to robotize their daily functions and minimize the role of the diverse human workforce.

Why are they doing this all of a sudden? Well, the incorporation of AI technology will minimize human errors and will end up maximizing productivity and, eventually, profits. That is why we can see that nowadays several companies especially telecom companies have made it their mission to automate their functions and introduce AI in all of their departments.

This goes on to show that this technology is becoming popular day by day and if you want to move with this highly competitive world, well start thinking about making AI a part of your life. But before you do that make sure you have a reliable internet connection. We are saying this because AI technologies are mostly powered by the internet. Our suggestion would be to sign up with one of the Cox plans. The brand is known to provide amazing upload and download speeds. Now that you have access to a stable internet connection, well go ahead and read the top 5 AI-powered apps mentioned in this article. Hopefully, this will give you an idea about the benefits of this technology.


Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you would be familiar with the app called Siri which is one of the most well-known programs out there. Even though the app is only available on Apple platforms including iOS, mac OS, iPad OS, and Watch OS, it has become more and more well-liked by consumers all around the globe.

The majority of Apple devices come with Siri, a built-in function that employs voice commands and a UI that speaks the natural language to carry out tasks. You can also ask Siri to do a variety of things, like make calls, respond to questions, find nearby eateries, get weather updates, and much more. In addition to this, Siri can adjust based on the user’s prior searches and preferences.

Google Assistant

Have you ever used an Android device and clicked the home button when all of a sudden a popup asked you to say the command appeared? That is Google Assistant giving you the order to follow and carry out the appropriate steps.

Since its 2016 debut, Google Assistant has become incredibly popular among Android users. This Virtual assistant has received a lot of attention and is thought to be among the most sophisticated ones.

In order to make it available across a variety of devices, Google has collaborated with numerous businesses. Google Assistant, for instance, can be found in automobiles, cell phones, refrigerators, and headphones. It is ready to help you with any request, whether you are looking for a suitable restaurant in the region or want to commute to the closest cafe.

Artificial Intelligence Apps


One of the top AI apps for Android, Hound is similar to Google voice search. To get immediate results from the app, just say “Ok Hound.” The functions that Hound offers include playing videos, setting alarms, playing your favorite music, and setting times. The AI app Hound can also be used to make calculations while ordering food from restaurants and booking an Uber ride.


This is one of the top AI apps for students to finish their homework and study for exams. Socratic, an app with AI at its core was recently acquired by Google. It allows students to use the camera on their smartphone to snap photographs, and the software will give all the explanations required to help them understand the material. Moreover, both speech and text recognition is used by the program.

Whether your child struggles to understand science or has trouble with math, Socratic will offer all the help they need without paying a professional instructor. Both iOS and Android devices can use the apps. So be sure to implement AI in your household to aid in your child’s education.

ELSA Speak

A software called English Language Speech Assistant, or ELSA talk, allows both native English speakers and non-native speakers to improve their speaking clarity and acquire correct English pronunciation. Over seven million people have used ELSA Speak to enhance their English speech.

You can prepare for a variety of exams, including the TOEIC, IELTS courses, and the TOEFL. Installing this app on your phone is a requirement if you plan to visit a location where English is widely spoken.

Final words on Artificial Intelligence Apps

We have done our research and tried our best to discuss the prominent artificial intelligence apps that provide you with several features and attributes. These features are designed to make things easy and convenient for you. So if you are in search of ease in your life, well try the apps mentioned in this article and thank us later. Thanks for reading!

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