Find Innovative Ideas to Create a Company

Innovative Ideas to Create a Company

Does your work team get stuck every time it encounters a bottleneck? Have you been looking for groundbreaking business ideas for a while and don’t know what to do to come up with some “innovative things”? Do you need to generate new ideas to solve old problems? Do you want to know techniques to make creative ideas? Do you want to know about the jobs where you can work from home?… In short, do not know how to create innovative approaches to create a company, solve a problem, or respond to a need?

This post is going to help you even when you want to find jobs where you can work from home because I am going to show you the two steps we use to generate innovative business ideas, products, or services, filter them and finally, select the creative “winning” design with which to build your company, create a new product or service or solve a problem. Shall we start?

But first of all, what does it mean to have innovative business ideas or creative product ideas? Well, generate a novel approach with the possibility of turning it into an innovative and profitable business. We believe that the key to success is in the execution by the entrepreneurial team, rather than in the creative business idea itself.

How well Steve Johnson explains in his book “Good ideas,” in the process of creating and developing brilliant innovative ideas, two common denominators coexist creativity and innovation. In this video, the author provides us with the keys to cultivating our creativity to become more creative and thus be able to generate innovative ideas for our own or other people’s projects.

Several techniques help us foster our creativity (brainstorming, brainwriting, forced partnerships …). Still, here we present the process in 2 steps to get innovative ideas for products, services, or specific projects.

The 2 phases are:

– Generation of many ideas. The amount here matters. The more, the better. We will use the technique of brainstorming.

– Choice of the best design, the one that best solves the problem or which we would bet to generate a profitable business. 

We will focus on the brainstorming technique.

The brainstorming technique, also known as “brainstorming,” is probably the oldest and best-known technique. Its creator, Alex Osborn, used it frequently and decided to write a book (Applied Imagination) where it was first described.

What is brainstorming (brainstorming)? It is an effortless creativity technique. Its objective is to generate a large number of innovative ideas for business, product, or service, or to solve the specific problem that you have set as your objective. This exercise is much more effective when done in groups of 4 to 6 people, and in a very relaxed environment.

But before that…

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The six keys to a good brainstorming exercise

1. Duration: I recommend that the brainstorming exercise not exceed 30 minutes.

2. No to the trial: It is essential that you engrave “by fire” this golden rule in the minds of all participants. There should be no value judgment against any idea. The key is to improve the concept of ​​the partner not destroy it.

3. The quantity is rewarded, not the quality: It is vital to generate how many more ideas better. At this time, the variety of purposes does not matter.

4. The figure of the facilitator: It is advisable to use a person who energizes the technique. It will help to make the session more fluid and avoid collapses and “mental jams.”

5. Multidisciplinary teams: The result of brainstorming is much more enriching if you mix people from different departments within an organization, various fields, different training, and even different ages. The inclusion of a child in such a session can be advantageous.

6. The number of participants: Limit the number of members of each group. I recommend groups of 4 to 6 people. The session will flow better.

Once we have generated a considerable amount of business ideas, what we are going to do is move on to the second step of the process:

In this phase, what we intend is to group the bunch of ideas that we have generated by affinity. For example, if we have several concepts related to gifts for men, we will arrange those that refer to:

     Sports accessories

     Tennis racquets

     Cross shoes

     Bicycle odometer


These ideas could be grouped into a group of nominated male sports or something like that. The rest of the plans will be grouped according to their degree of affinity or according to our interests. The next step, once arranged the ideas will be to choose the 3 or 4 that we find most interesting.

Hope you enjoy reading this article and get the ideas to Create a Company or jobs where you can work from home.

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