How to Select all on Mac

Select all on Mac

Whenever you are doing anything related to your Mac book files, or there is any interaction, you would need to use the finder to be doing it. This finder is the default file manager of the operating system. The selection of a single item through the viewfinder will be effortless just like clicking it. However, everyone isn’t aware of what is the fact that the quickest way to handle the selection of multiple files. No matter if you are selecting all of your data in the folder or even just a group of them, most Mac users tend to struggle with it the most. It’s because it certainly takes up a lot of time than it should. This article will help you with how to select all on mac.

There are ways through which you can easily be able to remedy this by being able to keep in your mind a few of the quick methods and some shortcuts that’ll help you make this process easier. Then, when you consider the time you may need to select files every single day, you’ll see how many moments you’ll be able to save on the interactions overall.

Selecting all files in a window 

There are different ways through which you can be able to select all files within a window instantly, however, there is a much more straightforward way that you can opt for, and that is by holding down the Command key, and then hitting an A.

This Command-A shortcut tends to be one of the favorites for many Mac users, and that too for quite a long time, due to it helping things get done on time and fast enough.

However, this isn’t the only way through which you can select items; hence you can quickly go over the further alternatives.

In case there is any occasion where you may not want to use the keyboard shortcut, you can still be able to accomplish the same effect by being able to use the Finder menu bar, and then you’ll see that at the top screen. Then, click the edit button, and choose the select all that appears on the menu.

how to select all on mac

There is another way through which you can select all the files within a location without even relying on the keyboard, which is using the ‘Click and Drag’ method. You have to click one of the corners of the window, hold down the button and then drag the pointer to be able to create a selection box, which can cover every item within that window.

In case you want to select only a few items, there is another quick way to do this. There tend to be many files within a window, and you would need to scroll down to be able to see them, which is frustrating and not efficient at all. The intended purpose of the click and drag option tends to be to select several contiguous files, that too from a much larger group.

Selecting the adjacent files 

In case you want to select several items instead of one, the first way can be using the click as mentioned earlier and drag, which tends to draw a box and you can include the items that you need. This tends to be useful if you use the icon view.

Another way is being handy about it. You start by clicking the first file which you want to include in your section and then press the shift key. Hold it down and then click on the last item that you may need. The two files you click and all files between them will be automatically selected.

Selecting non-adjacent files 

In case you have about ten files in your folder, you would need to select the first one, the third one, and then the seventh one. You have to hold down the Command key and then click on each file. Selecting the items which aren’t next to each other requires this step. Moreover, the command click method is another way to go about it. You don’t have only to select the items but also use it to deselect them from a larger group.

In case of selecting all items except one from the window, you have to use the Command-A shortcut. Then press and hold the command once again and then click on the file that you do not need. This will be deselected, and the rest will remain highlighted.

Mastering the file selection 

The methods for selecting all the files tend to be quite intuitive, which means you will eventually be able to get the hand of them, with practice. It is well worth using and learning them so that you can save time and then make the Mac book user experience much more enjoyable for you. Hope you get the idea to select all on mac or something.

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