How to Find Landscaping Jobs Near Me

Landscaping Jobs Near Me

In modern times, when rampant deforestation has become a worldwide concern and global warming is discussed even at breakfast by the whole family, many solutions have been devised in favor of the environment. Environmental responsibility is in vogue, after all, and the Landscape Designer (Landscape Technician) is one of the professionals that gains space in this scenario. If you are someone who wants a career in landscaping and ever asked yourself “How to find landscaping jobs near me?”, keep reading!

Although there is this growth in the sector, the market faces a shortage of professionals to meet so much demand. Landscaping is still a career of little visibility and that many have heard of. 

Landscaping is a very broad term. There are landscape architects, agronomists-landscape architects, landscape biologists, and landscape technicians. Of all those mentioned, only the landscape technician is really prepared for the job market. This is because the undergraduate courses in Architecture, Agronomy, Biology, and Forest Engineering, among others, do not train the student specifically in the area of ​​Landscaping. They will have to specialize in looking for postgraduate courses, university extensions, and even technical courses, as many already do.

landscaping jobs near me

Landscaping professional plans and executes projects in green areas, in private properties, such as residences and condominiums, and in urban areas, such as parks, squares, and gardens. With knowledge of foliage, flowers, and soil properties, he determines what will be planted, taking care of the preservation of nature.

Because the profession encompasses many areas, such as Architecture, Agronomy, and Biology, the interest of those who intend to become Landscape designers should cover a range of related subjects. It is a technical and artistic work.

The Landscaping Technician course

The Landscaping Technical course normally lasts three semesters, with a total of 800 class hours. It is divided into three modules: Garden Design, Landscape Enterprise Management, and Landscape Dynamics.

Commonly, the student will do Landscaping projects, applying the skills developed during each semester. Classes in Technical Design, Architectural Design, Perspective, Constructive Techniques, Informatics, Agronomic Techniques, Botany, Legislation, History, Environmental Concepts, Management, and, of course, Project.

Labor market for Landscaping Technician

The market is expanding and is promising in this area. The great growth of the real estate market generates an increasing demand for landscape projects. In addition, large construction companies are betting on condominiums with extensive planned green areas. The Landscape Designer can work in small or large areas, that is, in residential, commercial gardens, condominiums, in the recovery of degraded areas, and even in companies. The companies can be public (city halls, Secretariat of the Environment) or private offices, but in most cases the professional is autonomous.  

How to Get Landscaping Jobs Near Me?

Our country is full of magic and charming corners. Many of its cities have a high percentage of green areas and natural spaces that are carefully cared for and maintained: hence the work of gardeners. Therefore, it is important to value your activity, whether in private gardens in homes or neighborhood communities, as well as in the maintenance of public gardens and parks.

Create alliances in the world of gardening

The first thing you have to do is look for alliances in the sector. To establish yourself in the sector and be known, partner with garden stores, farm management companies, etc. If you want to be up-to-date on the trends of the guild, you can participate in gardening fairs to make yourself and your services knew, consult specialized magazines and participate in gardener communities.

You can also explore new job niches. In addition to the general functions of a gardener, you can try to work in the maintenance of gardens of schools, neighborhood communities, sports clubs, restaurants, golf clubs, etc.

To do this, create a strategy to contact the maximum of them: make a list and visit them, leave contact cards or write them an email. It is usually difficult to enter this market at the beginning, but it is worth trying: you will guarantee continuous maintenance service contracts and you will achieve a high turnover per month.

Get trained in gardening and botany

Don’t stop training! As in other jobs, it is important to continue to increase knowledge, learn about new developments in the sector and grow as a professional. To do this, study more in-depth about plants and take courses, for example, on exotic plants or vertical gardens, new irrigation techniques, etc. to be able to advise the client and demonstrate a certain degree of knowledge. The client will appreciate that you know how to guide him on issues that he does not know, that you give him advice on the care of his garden and that you can solve his doubts.

Another way to gain an advantage over your competition is to take on garden design: you will not only offer your clients to fix their garden but also make design proposals to get the most out of the outdoor areas of their home or community.

Work your presence on the Internet

Last, but not least, you must create a brand linked to your name or your company and make a place for yourself in the online space, which is essential today. To do this, you will have to design the business logo, customize the company vehicles, and have your own website appear on Google when potential clients search for gardeners in your area through the Internet.

Hopefully, you can get benefits from reading this article, especially about how to find a landscaping job near me. Thank you for reading!

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